It’s been almost a decade since talking on the phone was popular. The introduction of text messaging saw a drop in phone calls. Of course, there have always been people who preferred to talk on the phone. It’s far more personal that exchanging texts. With the pandemic, there are many restrictions in place. Many of these restrictions directly influence the dating world. Looking for something between video dating and meeting face-to-face, many people are landing on good old-fashioned phone calls.

If you’re nervous about talking on the phone, here are a few First Phone Call Questions that might help you maintain a great conversation.

Whether or not you’ve been talking to someone or this is the first time, it’s always safe to ask about the present. We usually start any conversation with “how are you” and “what have you been up to”. These are safe questions because we’re usually prepared to answer them. Secondarily, asking about “favorites” is another safe topic. You can figure out what you might have in common. We all enjoy talking about the things we love.

Of course, those kinds of First Phone Call Questions are surface level. They tell you a bit about a person, but nothing substantial. When you’re getting to know someone, you want to get into the deeper questions. You want to know if you’re compatible, which can be done by asking the deeper questions. You may want to know about their childhood or their ideal future. Unfortunately, we all have areas we’d rather not discuss. It’s easy to cross the line between the types of questions. You’ll want to pay attention to vocal cues. If they don’t want to talk about something, don’t push the issue either.

Neutral First Phone Call Questions

If you’re looking to keep the conversation going, you can try to stay in between and ask neutral First Phone Call Questions. One of the best questions to ask someone is “what do you do in your spare time?”. The question is open-ended, easy to answer, and should still give you an insight into their personality. After all, how we use our free time says a good deal about who we are.

Game Questions

You can opt for a question-based game (21 questions, would you rather, what if, etc) to ensure you’re avoiding sensitive topics. There are every question prompts online that can keep you going. Just make sure you’re taking turns, not just asking questions or talking about yourself. You want to be in the middle ground, so you’re both sharing and getting to know each other. You don’t want to give short answers if you’re partner has been answering in detail.

Open-ended questions are ideal because they can steer the conversation in a new direction. You can also ask follow-up questions, which is a bonus. They are also less intimidating than straightforward questions, which may make them easier and more fun to answer. Just remember that a conversation goes two ways, so listen as much as you talk.

There is a good chance you’re probably both nervous about talking on the phone. This should make it easier, especially if you directly address your nerves.

Once you are ready you can meet face to face, but until then it’s time to work on your Text Chemistry !