I’m posting this casting call in case any of my readers might be interested!


Dear Sir/Madam

I am a Television Producer working for one of the UK’s leading independent production companies – Twofour.

The Twofour Group produce a huge variety of high end, award-winning TV programmes for all major broadcasters, both in the UK and worldwide.  We work closely with everyone from Clarence House for Harry’s Arctic Heroes for BBC1 to the Royal Marines for Royal Marine Commando School for Channel 4 and other projects include The World’s Most Expensive Food and the award-winning Educating Yorkshire for Channel 4.

We are currently developing a new heart-warming and engaging series for a major broadcaster, exploring love and relationships in the UK.  The series will focus on people who are financially successful but are yet to find their perfect partner.  It will provide a one-of-a-kind experience for a person who is seeking true love.

As part of our research we are keen to speak with individuals who would like to find lasting love and who might have previously found that their wealth is a barrier to finding a genuine partner.

I would be extremely grateful if you could pass my details on to people who may be interested in talking to me about their experiences and this project.  For further details I can be contacted on 02922 450 061 or by email [email protected]

With many thanks and best wishes