Just picture it, you’ve been talking to some incredible person, whether it be a dating website or dating app. You’ve been having a wonderful time chatting with them each time you get the chance. While there are plenty of online dating frustrations out there, this person just reminds you that it’s worth it. Now, you both have discussed taking it to the next level, a date! Thinking about wearing what you already own?

That’s reasonable, but, if you’re really wanting to impress this person and hopefully seal the deal, sometimes getting something more new and polished could be the way to go. While the dating scene can get expensive, shopping for yourself honestly doesn’t need to be. These are some helpful tips for saving some money on shopping right before that big date!


1. Shop at the right time of year

You can’t exactly control this, especially if you’re date is last minute, But, this could definitely help you out if you’re just wanting to clean out your wardrobe and get new things in general. Usually, winter clothes are significantly cheaper when making purchases in the summer time. Also, summer clothes are a lot cheaper once autumn or winter hits. Just like in person, you’ll find these on the Sale rack, it’s similar when online shopping. These heavily discounted items will show up in the sale section on websites.


2. Start your search before you go in-store

Sometimes, but not always, going in store can help. Something that a lot of people tend to do is find exactly what they’re looking for in person. This gives you the chance to try on the items, feel the material, and just figure out if something is a good match or not. Once that’s completed, you’ll then want to look for the exact same product online. Why is that? Well, you’re far more likely to find online discounts than in store discounts.

This can include vouchers from websites like Netvouchercodes.co.uk or even signing up for the stores email list in exchange for a discount. There is just a lot of money-saving tips to be offered when purchasing online rather than in-store. While it’s true in store shopping has its perks, online shopping is simply so much better.


3. Make a Wishlist before you shop

There are plenty of Google Chrome extensions out there that can be wonderful. Some, such as Honey help search for savings while providing you with points that can be redeemed for coupon codes. Anyways, having a wishlist and using one of these types of extensions can be very helpful. Not only does having a specified wishlist just help you stay more focused on what you may want to buy, but, you’re going to be after products that you know you like and you know will suit you.


4. Know the type of products you want

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, you may be surprised! So, when it comes to shopping in-store, you’ll be limited on your options. For starters, a lot of stores for the most part sell similar items. Not unless you plan to visit a major shopping center or a shopping mall, you’ll have some limits. This means that out of desperation for your trip to the shop, you may buy something as a last resort that you don’t want. This means that you’re wasting money, and in general, helping in producing more textile waste.

Alternatively, when it comes to online shopping, if you know exactly what you’re wanting, then it can be easier. For instance, if you’re wanting a black button up shirt made up of linen fabric, well, that’s going to be easier to find online. If there is something more specific you’re after, then something like Google Lens or even ShopLook could help out. Searching is a breeze when it comes to online shopping. Just knowing exactly what you’re after is going to be a sure-fire way of saving money and having items that can withstand the test of time.


5. Use a price tracker

If there is something that you have been eyeing or you’re really wanting, whether its clothes, accessories, or even hobby related products, using a price tracker could definitely help you out. There are plenty of apps and even some Google Chrome extensions out there that keep a close eye on that. Besides, some stores will say something is on sale when in actuality, it’s not. Having a price tracking tool will help prevent you from falling into any of these types of ridiculous scams. This is especially more apparent during the holiday shopping season, as it tends to happen then the most.


6. Stay motivated throughout the process

Overall, when it comes to finding that perfect look that will “wow” your date, you just need to stay motivated. You’ll most likely spend quite a bit on the date itself whether it be the transportation to and from the date, activities, meals, etc., but your clothes don’t need to be expensive. Just being open and motivated about trying multiple ways to save money is going to help. Plus, the willingness of trying multiple methods to save money can help you in the long run when you’re needing to shop for other things such as house-hold related items.


7. Take advantage of free shipping offers!

If you’re looking for a good deal on something, look for the free shipping offer. You can find these offers on most online stores. Free shipping offers are often found in online stores but they also show up in retail stores. If you’re shopping at a brick and mortar store, be sure to ask if there is a free shipping offer before buying something.

Shipping can usually be a bit pricey, in fact, it can be one of the whole make it or break it ways that people change their mind on a purchase. However, look at the conditions in stores when it comes to free shipping. Sometimes, there are vouchers for free shipping, other times, there is so much you need to purchase, or even signing up for a membership with the brand can help as well.