“I met with James, after finally admitting to myself that I really wasn’t getting anywhere with the strategies I’d previously employed when it came to online dating.

Feeling a little nervous and self conscious James quickly put me at ease as we chatted about my online dating disasters and discussed what I was looking for. His relaxed and warm approach made me feel like I really had a friend and champion in my corner and he also had plenty of insights and gems of wisdom from the male perspective to share.

I admit to being a little sceptical initially about the whole idea of a dating coach, as there are so many people out there selling the dream to “lonely ladies” but James’ advice was practical and sensible as well as being easy to implement and fun.

I met someone quite quickly, with whom I am now in an extremely happy relationship with, but in the first few weeks I still met with James again for his support and advice on not only how to get good dates and meet great guys, but also how to keep one!

He was both objective and supportive yet challenged me on some of my assumptions in a positive and helpful way.

I would thoroughly recommend James as a dating coach and champion, and I’m quite happy (or sad) to say, that for me, he was so successful, I won’t have to use him again!.”

Just got this wonderful testimonial in from a lovely lady I worked with earlier this year.  It’s always so wonderful to get emails and comments like this.  She was a pleasure to work with.  She took my advice on board quickly, did everything I said and found someone much sooner than she’d ever imagined!