Conversation Topics For Dates

As a Dating Coach, my clients always tell me how hard the first date is. Especially when it comes to finding something to talk about. Unfortunately, that can be an issue on any date, not just the first! That’s why it’s always helpful to have a few conversation topics for dates handy. Whether it’s someone you’ve known for a while or someone you’re just meeting, you can use these topics to spark a new conversation. This is perfect for those dreaded lulls or even steering away from a subject you don’t want to talk about. As a friendly reminder; Politics and Religion are never a good idea to talk about on a date!

Let’s take a look at some of the best conversation topics for dates:


Ask your date what they value the most from family, friends, and relationships. Share what your personal values are. This is a deeper conversation topic that can really open up the line of communication. It lends insight to the type of person your date is, deep down. You can even ask about their morals and their definition of right and wrong. This type of question might lead to a heated discussion, so only ask if you feel like your date will respond well.


Ask your date about any goals he/she may have. Not just the standard “where do you see yourself in 5 years” questions either. Try asking what is on their bucket list or “if you could do anything in the world, what would it be?”. Another good question is to ask what they would These types of questions are awesome prompts. Plus, it lets you know a bit more about the future ideals and where you could possibly fit into those visions.

Physical attractions

It may sound weird to ask your date what he/she finds attractive. Instead, ask what features or qualities they tend to notice first. Ask what the most important qualities or features are. This helps you to better understand the kind of person your date is looking for in an ideal world. You may fit those qualities, you may not. It’s rarely a dealbreaker, but it does put things into perspective. This isn’t helpful if you already know your date. This is more of a first-date kind of question.


This is where you can really spice up the conversation! You can ask your date the story behind their name or ask them to tell you what their nickname might be. Or you can ask them to take you on a mental tour of their hometown and ask them to describe their favourite¬†places. You can ask them to describe their favourite¬†childhood memory. Although these are deeper questions, there is great value in story-telling. There may even be a point in your conversation that stories like these would naturally come up. That’s usually a sign that the conversation is going well!

No matter what, remember that you have to listen as much as you share. You don’t want your date to feel like you did nothing but talk about yourself. You also don’t want to feel like your date didn’t get the chance to know you because he/she talked too much. Try and balance the conversation between sharing and asking. Hopefully, you won’t need to refer to any of these conversation topics for dates.