Let’s face it: No one knows everything. So when you’re faced with something you don’t know how to do, what do you do about it? You learn. The best way to face any challenge is learning how to overcome it. This way, you’ll have the skills for the future. Dating training is the same as learning to cook or learning how to swim. It is a skill and the more you know, the better you’ll be.  Although there is no “master” level, there are obvious advantages to this type of training.


Dating training starts with the basic skills needed to properly communicate with other people. While you may believe you’re pretty good already, you can never get enough practice. You want to remember that communication means listening as well as speaking. Many people tend to forget that. When you’re on a date with someone, it’s important to be able to listen to them in the moment. It’s also important to remember things that someone has said to you. One trick to remembering is asking follow-up questions. This is the type of practice you’ll receive throughout dating training.


Similar to many good dating agencies, coaches help you to work on your level of confidence as well. This means boosting your self-esteem. Although it’s good to keep ego in check, it’s helpful to know what your strong points are. You’ll work on identifying your key strengths and take a closer look at some of your weaknesses. This will help you to improve your game and be more appealing on dates.


Dating training will also help you to prepare for your interactions with conversation starters, and help you learn what to say on dates. You’ll also look at what not to say. Unfortunately, a poorly timed joke can ruin an otherwise enjoyable evening. That’s why you want to know how to navigate your date. It is important for your dating success to know the typical 5 W’s of story-telling.

Dating Training 5 Ws:


  1. Who you are going out with
  2. What they are like as a person
  3. Where you are going and who will be around you
  4. When are you going to see them again
  5. Why did they choose you for this date


By considering these 5 questions, you’ll be able to mentally map out your date. You can plan what jokes you’ll tell. If you’re going sight-seeing, you can learn interesting facts about the sights you’ll see. This helps you to move the conversation forward and limits the amount of awkward silences you’ll have.

Balance is Key for Dating Training

Now, there are times we lack motivation to get out there and meet new people. This happens often after a few bad dates. Dating training will help you balance out negative and positive experiences and keep you moving forward. You’ll learn see each date as an experience and ultimately, learn from each experience.


When you choose a dating service, like dating coaching or match-making, you are choosing to take action. A future version of you will thank you for investing in yourself and your love life.

James Preece
Dating Coach and Dating Expert at The Dating Guru
James Preece is the Dating Guru.

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