When it comes to modern dating, how you look contributes to its success. Now, it might not necessarily guarantee a perfect relationship; at the very least, it can increase your chances of scoring a second date. There are over 44.2 million online dating users in the United States alone. So, that means you need to stand out. But it doesn’t also mean you need to look like you just stepped out of a magazine. And so you don’t need an extensive makeover to look your best. But at least your appearance must reflect your confidence and self-respect. This article covers some of the best tips to help you look your best on your next date. 


Step Up Your Hair Care Game


Drying Hair

Unless you are bald, you need to take care of your hair. There are several shampoos for normal, oily, brittle, or dry hair, and you should choose the best one for your hair type. Also, ensure that you let your hair dry before applying styling products. If you are completely inept at styling your hair or do not have the time to fuss over your hair every day, you can get a top-rate hairstyle or haircut from a professional hairstylist who is experienced enough to give you a look that suits your face. If you are feeling adventurous, you can ask for a dye job. A new and interesting hair color will be sure to spark an interesting conversation or at least break the ice during those first awkward minutes. If you’re a man, don’t focus only on your hair. Give your facial hair a clean shave too. If you prefer to keep your beard or mustache, you can have it regularly trimmed for a much neater look. 


Take Care of Your Teeth


You’ve been brushing your teeth for as long as you can remember. You may not put much thought into it since it has become a routine. However, brushing is extremely important. It prevents gum disease and gives you fresh breath. Nobody wants to go on a date with someone that has bad breath. In addition to brushing, you must also learn to floss. Flossing helps you reach those tight spaces between your teeth and takes out food particles that a brush cannot otherwise reach. Additionally, you can pay for a trip to your dentist for regular washes to take out any plaque or buildup. You can also have your teeth whitened for a more cosmetic look and a much brighter smile. 


Dress Well and Appropriately


Wearing the right clothes can make you feel more confident and comfortable on your date. Your outfit choice must be appropriate for the type of date. You will have to dress up if you have a fancy dinner or might dress down in shorts if it’s at a casual location. You must also be aware of the thin balance between overdressing and under dressing. The former can leave you looking like a snob, and the latter could make you appear lazy. If you’re unsure where your date will be, ask your date. If you already know where you are going, you can research the dress code or ask a friend’s opinion. 


What exactly should you wear to increase your chances of having a successful date? First of all, your clothes must fit you, and they must be presentable. Pair your outfits with stylish accessories that can elevate your style. You don’t have to go overboard with your accessories, especially if your style is more minimalistic. A stunning designer watch can make a significant difference. If designer watches are too pricey, you can get something cheaper like a preowned Grand Seiko watch!

Take it Easy Before Your Date


Take it easy before a date

Meeting someone new can be very nerve-wracking, even for those who have been dating for long periods. Both men and women like to meet confident people who look and feel relaxed. So, instead of fretting and thinking of anxiety-ridden scenarios, why don’t you chill out? Before your date, take a long soothing bath to help you relax. You can have a glass of wine to perk you up, but avoid getting drunk before leaving home. Another great way to relax is by playing chill songs or even getting a massage. Don’t forget to give yourself a pep talk before you leave home. 


Dating is a fun experience, but you can find more success in meeting and forming bonds with people by taking care of yourself and making yourself look good.


James Preece
Dating Coach and Dating Expert at The Dating Guru
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