In the UK, between 2005 and 2015, the amount of men getting divorced after age 65 rose by 23 percent, while the number of women divorcing during their senior years rose to 38 percent, according to The Office of National Statistics. Divorces in later life are known as grey divorces. If you’re getting on in years and find yourself single again, you’ll benefit from learning how to approach online dating after the end of your marriage. Romantic happiness is still within reach and learning when to dip into the online dating pool, knowing what you want from online love interests and setting realistic goals are the keys to boosting the odds of finding love and companionship during your golden years.

Spring is the best time to start online dating

Spring fever kicks in after long winters. It turns people’s mind to romance. Spring is the reason of rebirth and rejuvenation and this is the reason why it’s smart to get involved with online dating once the days grow warmer and the flowers start blooming. When you begin meeting new people online in the spring, you may be in line for an exciting summer romance. To get the ball rolling, look for UK dating apps that cater to adults over the age of fifty. There are a handful of them available. When you narrow your focus by choosing dating apps which are right for older single people,you’ll feel more comfortable branching out.

Think about what you want from a partner

Succeeding at online dating after a grey divorce is about more than taking advantage of spring fever and finding an age-appropriate dating app. It’s also about knowing what you want. You are now a fully-formed and completely mature human being. You’ve been married and had the opportunity to discover which traits and characteristics you admire in a partner, and which ones don’t thrill you. Put your wisdom to good use by being selective as you peruse potential love interests. Don’t go for a golf fanatic if you can’t stand the game. Avoid a social butterfly if you prefer to do quiet activities with a partner, rather than indulging in group activities. This is the time in your life to look for a person who really is a perfect match.

Be realistic about the odds of success

Lightning may not strike right away, or at all. You need to be realistic about the odds of being hit with Cupid’s Arrow. The best advice is to work on yourself. Access advice from a successful and experienced dating expert. The game of love is a gamble at any age. A good dating coach will be able to help you increase the odds of finding a truly caring partner, by helping you to develop realistic expectations, communicate well and put your best foot forward online. Whether you dream of true love that lasts forever, or prefer a less-serious approach to romance, a dating and relationship coach will be able to help you get what you want.
It’s never too late to start over

When you plan to start dating in the springtime, figure what you want from a partner and are realistic about the odds of success, you’ll be ready to take advantage of everything that over-50 dating apps for UK residents have to offer. Accessing professional help from a sensitive and compassionate relationship expert will make it easier to get back out there and put the pain of your grey divorce behind you. Lots of older people find compatible matches through online dating. You can do it, too.