How To Ditch Your Comfort Zone


Too many of us reside inside a “comfort zone”. That means we have a routine and we are generally stuck to it. This can be limited to certain situations, like only going to a specific bar on Friday night because you know the bouncer and the bartender. Or it can be a more general term that refers to every aspect of your life. Either way, a comfort zone is always restrictive. The only real benefit to a comfort zone is safety. You know what to expect. As a Dating Coach I see this is a problem for many people.


The element of danger in something new is impossible to avoid. Fear is the the natural response to danger. Fear results in never trying anything new or stepping outside of that comfort called familiarity. But there are so many benefits to learning how to ditch your comfort zone! For instance, meeting new people in love and life. Experiencing new opportunities is a good reason as well. Also, many people who step outside of their comfort zone discover a whole new side of themselves The benefits of ditching your comfort zone greatly outweigh staying inside.


Here are a few tips to learn how to ditch your comfort zone:


  • Designate a wing-man, someone who will come with you to new places or be involved in new experiences that has also been a part of older experiences
  • Transition slowly by making small changes in your habits or routines before you ever try and make the bigger ones
  • Set goals for yourself regarding your progress to be able to see how far you’ve come
  • Practice pushing yourself past your goals a little bit more each time
  • Think positively because otherwise, you’re going into new situations with a predisposition for negative results
  • Remember; everything (good or bad) is an experience and experience means knowledge so nothing is ever a waste of time
  • See a professional if you’re unable to make the changes yourself but want to experience life outside your comfort zone


Of course, it’s not easy. At first, you have to force yourself to try new things. You’ll feel intimidating and maybe scared. If you always go to the same bar on Friday night, trying a new bar is a start. You might not know anyone there. You might be afraid of who you’ll run into. But you won’t know unless you try. That’s a good motto to hold onto while you’re trying to ditch your comfort zone. There are countless possibilities to each experience if you’re willing to see more than the familiar ones.


Practice makes perfect. If you can force yourself to step outside of your comfort zone enough times with positive results, you’ll see that it no longer feels like an obligation. It may even be fun to try new things and go new places. You may find yourself meeting new people, including a new you. But don’t be too discouraged if you encounter negative results. Nothing is perfect. There are going to be times you step outside your comfort zone and say “oh yeah, that’s why I don’t do this”. Just try and remember that each situation is different. By generalizing your experiences, you’re several limiting your options.


“In order to see change, you must change what you see.“



James Preece
Dating Coach and Dating Expert at The Dating Guru
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