If you find yourself in a toxic relationship then life will be a painful, emotional roller-coaster. As much as you might love them, you need to get out of it as fast as possible. It might be scary to think about being alone again, but all you are doing is delaying your own happiness.

There is never a place for emotional or physical abuse in a relationship.  You deserve to be treated better and be loved by someone who makes you feel happy every day..not just when they feel like it.  These people are usually deeply insecure, narcissists or have real problems with human interaction.  Get out now while you can!

Here are my dating expert tips if you find yourself in this situation.


1) Seek out your Support Circle


Surround yourself with supportive, loving people who care about you before you do anything.  You’ll need them to help you through the break up process and to ensure you stick to it. You need to be strong and they make sure you are there during the tough times.


2) Cut off all Contact


Once you’ve told them you want to split, don’t check on them on social media, respond to their texts, or read their emails. They need to realise that you are breaking up for good.  You have no interest in what they are up to now or engaging with them. The sooner you can get them out of your life the better.


3)  Don’t Accept all the Blame


Toxic partners often like to make the other person feel guilt for the situation. They might try to convince you nobody else will ever love you or want you. Don’t fall for this.  Yes, you might not have done everything perfectly, but it was them who caused you to doubt everything.

4)  Stick to the plan.  Don’t be tempted to go back


You are going to have good days and bad days, so make sure you aren’t sucked back in with their promises to change. It’s natural for you to miss your old habits and routines.  Use the chance to reboot yourself and create new, more positive memories. At the moment you are vulnerable but that will pass as you slowly start to rebuild your life.


5) Look for New opportunities


It might not seem like it right now, but once you meet someone who treats you well you’ll forget about this person. There’s never been a better time to meet a long term partner as singles are looking more seriously than ever due to the pandemic.  It’s fine to have a short period of reflection, but get yourself out dating again as soon as you can.

I promise you that there is someone amazing out there who would love to meet you. Maybe it’s through a dating site, dating agency, through friends or a chance meeting. However it happens, once you meet someone better you’ll forget about the loser who made you so unhappy for so long!


6) Try Dating Coaching if You Want to Leave a Toxic Relationship


If you need help escaping a toxic relationship and want some help starting a happier one, do reach out to me and book a dating coaching session today.