How To Get A Girl to Like You

How to get a girl to like you is a question I’m often asked about as a dating coach for men. It’s cliche to say “just be yourself”, but it’s oddly an accurate bit of advice. The reason this is so accurate is because when you’re not forcing an image of yourself, you’re comfortable. Therefore, so is she. Women respond the best to feeling no pressure and complete comfort. So, to win her heart you have to be yourself.

Obviously, that’s not the only thing you have to do though. There is a little more preparation that is going to go into making a woman fall for you. Your personality will open the door, surely. But then you’ll have to step up your game to convince her to follow you through that door. Of course, every woman is different and therefore not every technique will work. These are the general personality traits that attract a woman the most.

The biggest turn off to women is said to be co-dependency. They want to know that you are your own person. You have a strong sense of your purpose in life. You have goals and a direction, even if they are vague or simply dreams at the moment. Importantly, you have plans. She wants to know you have friends. You should have a career or at least a great job. No woman is going to want to be your “everything”, so she wants to know that you’ve got yourself figured out. At the very least, demonstrate that you’ve got a good bead on things. If it’s not true, work on making it a reality in your own time.

Attracting a woman’s attention is easy if you’re well spoken and well dressed. Most women will decide on a man’s potential by looking them up and down. She will analyse what you’re wearing, but more importantly how you’re wearing it. You can get away with wearing torn jeans if you’re wearing them with a confidence. There are many women who enjoy the “rugged man” type, but as a general rule, women like men who look like they take care of themselves. So if you want to learn how to get a girl to like you it means you have to be in good shape. You’ll be well dressed and groomed nicely. You’ll likely have a pleasant smell that attracts women over to wherever you are. These are good traits to have. If you’re not in the best shape, that’s fine. You can get away with not going to the gym as long as you’re meeting the other traits.

Now, you may want to wait around and let women come to you. This tactic won’t work a good percentage of the time. If you want a woman’s affection, you have to catch her attention first. Approach her with confidence and be bold. You’ll want to ask her questions about herself. If you want to come across well, make a comment about something subtle. When you’re having that initial conversation, make subtle associations. Let her know that you used to work for the company that made her wristwatch, or something like that. This lets her know that you’re paying attention to her, but also giving her information about yourself. It’s true that most women appreciate the little things, so notice them.

One of the most attractive things about a man is his sense of humour. If you can make her laugh, you can make her fall for you. You don’t want your humour to be crude or at the expensive of anyone. You should have a decent sense of humour that involves making light of otherwise unfortunate situations. Try and find out some of her favourite comedy movies or actors early in the conversation. if you know any of their work, reference it. Otherwise, have a good idea of what people laugh at. The laughter should come naturally as long as you’re both enjoying the conversation. If it does, that’s a bonus.

Finally, while you don’t want to get friend-zoned, you still want to have traits of a friend. She wants you to listen to her. Again, she wants you to notice the little things. She wants you to be there for her when she feels like no one else is. These are traits you’ll want to demonstrate. To avoid ending up in the friend-zone, make sure you’re flirty and bold about your intentions. Let her know how irresistible you find her, while being sensitive to her comfort level.

The most important advice if you want to learn how to get a girl to like you is to just go with the flow. Again, be yourself and she’s more likely to enjoy your company!

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