Talk To Girls Online In One Easy Step

The best way to talk to girls online is by ignoring the advice you read online.

When it comes to dating websites, there are dozens of articles that offer advice on how to start a conversation. These suggestions range from insult her to making assumptions about the type of person she is or the type of person she wants to date. There have even been articles that suggest you open the conversation by asking why she never replies to anyone.

Hopefully, you’re one of the people who looked at that advice and closed the browser. This is all terrible advice and it explains why so many people are still single and looking. There is no science to insulting or judging someone online before you’ve even started talking to them. This is just something that other guys tell you to do. That way, they can say the right things and get the girl for themselves.

If you want to talk to girls online, you have to be genuine.

You want the conversation to feel natural, like you could be talking in person. That means you don’t want to be outrageous or overly flirtatious if that’s not who you are in person. Flirting is fine, and encouraged. But it should be natural, not forced. If you aren’t a genuine person, she will be able to tell and she won’t want to date you. If you use one of those horrible pick-up lines or insult her, she may even block or report you. Learning how to properly talk to girls online is crucial to ace the dating game. After all, you can’t score if you’re always sitting in the penalty box.

Your first step to learning how to talk to girls online is understanding the impressions you’re giving.

There are two impressions a person will get when you message them. The first impression is the message you sent. The second impression is your profile description. You want to make sure both of these are well-crafted and speak about who you are as a person. The best profile is humorous and lighthearted with a hint of mystery. You don’t want to give everything away, so you want something that draws attention and makes other people ask questions. The best message includes a prompt to reply. This means asking questions or making an open-ended commentary on something on their profile. For example: If the girl you’re interested in has a dog in her profile picture, ask how long she has had the dog or ask what the name is. Even if you’re not into dogs, she’ll read “I’m interested in things that are important to you”. You want to make her feel something in your first message. This way, she will be more inclined to reply and you’ll be able to continue the conversation.

The fact is, getting the first reply is all you really have to do. Once you talk to girls online, the conversation should progress naturally. You should ask her questions about her life, dreams & goals and anything else that will help determine compatibility. If she doesn’t ask questions in response, it could mean she’s not interested and she’s just entertaining the conversation. This is the online version of looking away to demonstrate disinterest. Don’t take it personally and just let the conversation end. Move on. You’re a catch and someone is going to see that.