Talk to Women Easily Guide

Are you scared to talk to women ? One of the most frustrating things that a man can do is to finally have the guts to approach a woman and say absolutely nothing.

As a dating coach for men I know that you want to wow her to make her find you appealing and irresistible. It’s so much pressure! This is the main reason why most men feel overwhelmed when dating and meeting women. It can be agonizing to be in a “situation” where you can’t say anything interesting that can make her like you and want to know you more.
There is no really right or wrong way of approaching a woman, but there are good and bad ways. Bear in mind that women can easily sense your “insecurities” and once they do you can expect immediate dismissal. Money and look can only help you for a while, but women are much focused on men that are confident rather than handsome or rich. In short, you need to understand and learn the proper way to talk to women without “fear”. As a man, what do you find so scary? It’s often revolves around three things: fear of intimacy, insignificance and rejection.

Fear of Intimacy

Most men are afraid of commitment, but you have to remember that not all women who talk to you want to commit. If you talk to her and you find one you are both mutually attracted, you can start as friends and see what happens.

Fear of Insignificance

Many men assume that they are not handsome, charismatic or rich enough to charm or talk to women. You have to understand that money and looks along are useless if you are not that confident about yourself. If can carry a conversation and be yourself with a “total stranger” without any insecurities and fear, you will instantaneously capture any women’s attention.  As far as possible, it’s essential to keep things light.

Fear of Rejection

One of men’s ultimate fears is rejection and this makes them stop from even trying to talk to women. For you to overcome this fear, you must bear in mind that she might easily forget about you. Once women decides that she doesn’t like you or even wants to talk to you, simply thank her for her time, politely walk away and find someone else you can talk to.
The majority of fears are not rational, so talk confidently and be yourself. If you don’t care as much you are more likely to find yourself with her email and contact number. Below are some tips that you can consider to make conversation more interesting:

Avoid mundane and boring topics

If you are boring company then you’ll be rejected very quickly. Talk about exciting things that help you get to know each other.  Once you find out what she is passionate about, you’ll have more chance to a longer conversation.  If you want to be successful when you talk to women then flirty banter is the key to dating success!

Talk to women then make them laugh

This is obvious but it works like a “charm”. Once you get a woman to laugh, this means that you have made a connection.It’s much easier to establish attraction and build rapport if you show a sense of humour and make her laugh. Most women prefer men who have a sense of humour than handsome but dull men.

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Happy dating!