Second Date Ideas by the UK’s top Dating Coach

When it comes to the second date, the easy part is securing it. If your first date is successful, you’ll land a second one. This means you made a good first impression and your date wants to see more of you. The second date will make or break the future of the relationship. There is quite a bit of pressure for good second date ideas that’s for sure. But, there are some dating coach tips and tricks to help you feel confident that your date is going to be a smashing success!

The second date is when you really get to know each other. This means you have to provide many opportunities for in depth information and conversation. You want to ask as many questions as possible about your date. Whether it’s childhood memories or future goals and dreams. You should also share the same type of information with you date so they can get to know you at the same time. This will help determine your future compatibility.

Since the second date is all about asking questions, location is a key factor.

There are many places that are great for your first few dates, but many that are not. You want to avoid going to the same place or somewhere similar to the previous date. You need to be far more creative. A festival or carnival may be a great idea. But if that was your first date, don’t make it your second. Even if it’s a different festival. You want to do something a little more bold and a little less ordinary.

Another thing that the 2nd date is good for is physical contact. You can get much closer on a second date. You want to keep that in mind when choosing a location for the date itself. Some of the best suggestions include going to a museum or a zoo, where you can hold hands or walk closely. They also give you a great opportunity to talk. The displays will even give the both of you something to talk about if you need to spark the conversation. You don’t want any stagnant moments.

One of the best ways to have a successful second date is by bringing up information from the first date. That can be remembering their favorite drink or their favorite store to shop at. Or even what nickname they were given as a child. You can casually include this information in your conversation to prove that you were listening. It also proves that you care enough to remember the details. After your first date it’s a good idea to write down little pieces of information. You can use this in the future to look back on.

Now, you want to progress the relationship so it’s important to take into consideration which actions are going to do that.

The biggest mistake most people make when working out fun second date ideas is worrying. Yes, there is a good deal of pressure. That same pressure gets much worse if you let it consume you. When you ask questions or steer conversation topics, you want to feel natural. The last thing you want to do is force anything.

You need to remember that your date wouldn’t have agreed to go out with you again if they weren’t interested. This means you’ve already made your impression. So, you just need to keep going with that same impression. You can choose to amplify yourself a little to make a bolder impression as long as you don’t force it.

Be exciting, be natural, and show your interest.

I hope you found these second date ideas useful and I wish you good luck going towards the third date!

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