Best Places to Meet Girls

Its Friday. The weekend is looming and all you want to do is enjoy life, go on adventures and meet new people. By people I mean women, because I’m pretty sure that if you are reading this you are looking to get a date.

So where are the best places to meet women? Well, the most obvious go-to would be a bar/club. Alcohol, music and dim lighting is the perfect set up to find romance, and luckily the majority of women in those places tend to be single and ready to mingle. However this isn’t a great choice for everyone as it can be too loud and intimidating. As a Dating Coach I know there are much better options for you.

If you want to take your chances elsewhere, here are some suggestions for great places to meet girls:

The gym

You’d be surprised how many women you’ll find getting hot and sweaty on the treadmills. Everybody seems to have a gym membership these days, and most tend to go multiple times in a week (how do you think these women stay looking so good?!) – so your chances of meeting a new love interest here are high. Not only that, but you can get into great shape yourself, boost your confidence and more importantly, increase your stamina and give you better health.

Coffee shops

Another of the best places to meet girls. Whether it be before work, on your lunch break or after a long day at the office, a coffee shop is a good venue for casual chit chat and unforced conversations. The laid back atmosphere and the smell of latte in the air creates the perfect ambiance for a budding romance.

Shopping centres

Shopping and women go hand in hand, so naturally a great place to find lots of them in one place is a shopping centre. Why not browse for a few hours every Saturday at peak times and see who you run into? It’s easy to start a conversation by asking a woman a question about something in the shop.  You could ask her if she likes the colour of the shirt or if she can recommend somewhere good to eat nearby.  It doesn’t really matter what you ask as it’s just an easy conversation starter.

Book shops/libraries

Looking for a more intellectual type? The best place to find her is in your local Waterstones or the library. You don’t even have to think of an opener, you could just ask her opinion on a book you’ve chosen, or offer yours on the one she has. The relaxed atmosphere of a book shop is perfect for a quiet, cosy conversation. Hopefully, all this will give you something to think about. Now get out, enjoy your week and meet some new people!

Dating agencies

If you want a quick solution to help you meet a partner, then a dating agency can be a great idea. Just make sure you choose a good one.


If you’d like some help learning more about the best places to meet girls or simply how to attract and talk to them, you should book a dating coaching session today.  As the UK’s leading Dating Expert I can help you make massive improvements and get the girl of your dreams.  Don’t wait around wishing and hoping – take action now!