Second Date Kiss Tips – How to do It

Second Date Kiss Advice by the UK’s best Dating Coach. The first date is all about making a good impression. Your second date is where you really get to know the person you’re with. It’s a chance to make better conversation, but also encourage physical closeness. This means that choosing the date location will effect the outcome of the date itself. For example, you’re not going to get the closeness if you’re at dinner or a movie.

In order to secure that closeness, you’ll have to choose a more intimate location. You might think the same side of the booth at a restaurant is close. But, it may end up making your date feel trapped. Or, they may feel like too much pressure is on them. It’s better to avoid that kind of pressure. You want the date to feel comfortable and progress naturally but you don’t want to force the conversation. You don’t want to feel like you’re putting any added pressure on your date, either.


You have to set up the right environment.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds though. You just have to choose a location that allows for you to be more physical. This can be holding hands as you stroll through the park together. Or it could be sharing a high-five after a pub sport, like darts or billiards. It may seem minimal, but this opens the door to physically connect with you date. You want to open that possibility as early in the date as possible. This is especially true if you have more than one event lined up for the date. Then you want to keep pushing that physical connection. You don’t want to pressure your date, but you want to keep it open.

When it comes to going in for the kiss, there are always reservations. Many people feel uncomfortable just going in. They want to ask for permission or wait to read body language. When you ask for permission to take the kiss, you put too much pressure on the moment. You also put too much pressure on your date. If your partner has been receptive of physical contact, they will likely be receptive of the 2nd date kiss as well.

Don’t use it to say goodbye

Also, many people prefer to wait until the end of the date to get the “goodnight” kiss. This tactic may work for some people, but not others. In fact, ending the date that way could be disastrous. If you go in for the kiss earlier in the date and it was awkward, you have the rest of the date to make up for it. You can laugh it off. If the 2nd date kiss isn’t received well at the end of the date, your date is left with a lingering disappointment. Or, at least thinking the night ended poorly. You may still get a third date, but why risk it?

If you like the person you’re with and want to take it to the next level, don’t be afraid to push. But, push with respect to boundaries and the comfort of your date. If they aren’t responsive, then back down. If they are, don’t be afraid to push a little more.

The most important thing to remember about that second date kiss is that you need to be confident. Your date will respond to your confidence.

Happy dating!

James Preece –  UK Dating Coach, Matchmaker and Dating Agency Expert