Thinking of moving abroad to be with someone you love? Perhaps a partner that you’re already living with has been offered a job abroad? Or perhaps the love of your life is already living in another country and you’ve been thinking of moving out to live with them for the first time? Whatever the case, moving abroad for love is not a decision you should take lightly. It could be an exciting new chapter in your life or it could be a complete disaster. Only you will know what is right for you. Below are just some questions to ask yourself before making the move.


How strong is your relationship?


It’s possible that you may be in a long and happy relationship with someone. You may live with them and may even have kids together. In this case, it will likely be a joint decision as to whether you move or stay. If your partner has to move to another country for legal reasons (such as not getting accepted for a visa/citizenship), then it could be more complicated, although hiring an immigration lawyer may still be a solution. There are plenty of immigration counselling services that you get help from in such a situation.


If your relationship is in early stages or is in a rocky place, you’ll have to weigh up what is right for you. You may decide that they are not worth uprooting your life for. You should be particularly wary of moving across the world to live with someone who you’ve never met in person. Even if you have met them in person, you should consider whether you know them well enough to live with them.


What have you got to lose if you move abroad for love ?


Moving abroad could mean having to get another job. It could mean having to move away from family and having to make new friends. You’ll also be giving up simple things such as familiar places and familiar foods. You should decide whether you’re willing to let go of all of this. 


You may decide that you have little holding you back and that you’re ready to take on new challenges. Living abroad could be something you’ve always wanted to do and this could be your opportunity. You’ll have to look into work and ways of making new friends (and possibly even ways of learning a new language), but it could all be worth it. Ideally, it needs to be something that you’re willing to do for yourself and not just for your partner. 


Can you maintain a long-distance relationship?


Some couples are able to still function in a long-distance relationship. If your partner is moving abroad for work, it’s possible that they may still be able to return every so often – and you may be happy with this. A long distance relationship can have its challenges, but it can still be a strong relationship. In fact, it could encourage you to both make the most of the small periods you spend together. 


Of course, long-distance relationships aren’t for everyone. For some people, it can breed mistrust. Others may lack the physical contact and intimacy. If you’ve got kids, you may even feel like you’ve become a solo parent. These are all important things to consider. You may decide you want to move abroad for love in the end.