Dating An Older Man

There’s often a stigma when a younger person starts dating an older man. Friends and family members may be convinced the younger person is only doing it for money or stability. They may be rude and standoffish and never really give the younger person a chance. This can happen even when there are only a few years between the two. Of course, there are many instances Where this is a correct assumption. It’s seen in movies and on television. It’s the most common association. However, by default, it’s usually about something more than money. Stability isn’t far off. While most people think of physical stability, it often relates to emotional stability.

One of the biggest attractions to dating an older man is the emotional stability they offer. Most older men/women have already learned how to control their emotions. They don’t overreact and they don’t jump to conclusions. They know how to communicate effectively. This means the relationship is easier to maintain. A younger person is happier with an older person because they feel listened to and understood. This is lacking in younger relationships, where hormones are still off-balanced and life experience hasn’t kicked in yet. Younger relationships have more communication errors, which lead to misunderstandings, fights and even break-ups. Older relationships are more mature in that manner and most disagreements can be settled in a calm and rational manner.

There is nothing wrong with someone young wanting to date someone older. It’s a nice break from having to worry about the reaction of your partner all the time. It’s also a great way to learn to communicate better themselves, so dealing with a younger person in the future may be easier as well. Often a relationship with an older man will be a learning experience. As older men know what they want, they can properly express that. This makes it easier to feel connected too.

Unfortunately because of the stigma a younger person may have to work a bit more to convince an older man they are serious. Along with growing up and older, most people tend to fall a little more on the cynical side when they hit certain ages. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does mean they will need a bit of convincing. If you are a younger person interested in someone older, here’s one piece of advice: Don’t try too hard. You don’t want to seem like you’re overselling yourself and yet, you want to be taken seriously. Be yourself and let things progress naturally. Your patience will be rewarded with the chance to experience a more mature love. Most good things in life require a bit of work to achieve and even to maintain. Once you land the “prize”, don’t stop trying. Just like with any other relationship, you have to try where it really matters. Don’t worry about your make-up and nonsense like that. You have to try in manners of the heart. Learn to communicate on the same level as your partner. Learn to truly listen and understand what your partner is saying. Don’t be afraid to ask if they are talking over your head about something. Life is a learning experience and so is love.

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