Funny Texts To Text a Girl to Keep Her Interested Between Dates

Funny texts to text a girl are something many men ask for. When the first date goes well, you typically end the night with a plan in mind for the second date. It could be the following night or next week. The further away the date is, the more you might worry about your date losing interest. You want to keep texting and keep an open line of communication. At the same time, small talk can only go so far. You don’t want to ask super personal questions over text. You’ve got to save some of your great stories for the next date and the ones that follow.

So how can you send funny texts to text a girl while keeping things interesting? As the UK’s leading relationship expert I’m going to look at a few types of texts and the reasons they work. Remember that you should only say what feels natural. If any of the ideas feel a stretch from your personality, don’t bother trying to use them. As much as you want to be interesting, it’s more important to be genuine.


Most guys will playfully tease the woman they are interested in. This can be done easily through texting. You can poke fun of the previous date and make suggestions for how to avoid those issues the next time. You can make fun of her, or yourself even. But you have to be careful when you’re teasing someone. It can easily get out of hand and turn into something offensive. The type of girl you’re dating dictates if this is a good idea or a terrible one. If she’s playful and easy going, she’ll respond to teasing and likely dish it out. If she’s reserved, she might think you’re being a jerk. If you can’t gauge how she’ll respond, don’t risk it.

The Guessing Game

Whenever you ask her a question, follow-up with guessing what her answer is going to be. Make sure you’re being playful about this too. Otherwise, you’ll seem impatient, like you’re trying to rush the answers out of her. As long as you’re playful, you’ll be fine. How do you convey the proper tone over text? Use those emoticons. That’s what they are there for. A wink smiley face will always convey the idea that you’re just being silly and she shouldn’t take you too seriously. That’s good. That’s exactly what women want.

Hard To Get

It’s no secret that many women enjoy the chase. If you’re hard to get, she might be more interested in you. Through texting, you can make comments like “I don’t think we’re right for each other, I mean, you like Pepsi and I’m a Coke guy.” Or anything like that. Or you can use the “we’re going to be best friends, I can tell” comment to seem like you are friend-zoning yourself. This tactic can be a little tricky. If it backfires, you’re going to be disappointed in yourself. But again, using emoticons, you can save a sinking relationship.

Now, many have the question of how often do you text? It’s important to conclude on the 1:1 ratio. You text her one text for every time she texts you. You text her only as often as she texts you. You let her pick the speed of the texting and give her full control. This is something most men don’t do, so you’ll be more likely to stand out from other possible suitors.