How To Tell If A Woman Is Attracted To You

Dating is like an intricate dance, with weaving and twirling. You go left and she goes right. You come together in the middle and spin. One wrong step and the beautiful dance turns into a messy disaster. Instead of guessing which direction to take, it’s better to follow her lead. How? Well, here are a few ways to learn how to tell if a woman is attracted to you:


When a woman is interested in someone, she tends to be conversational. She also tends to laugh at almost everything you’re saying. When she talks, she’ll ask you personal questions about the things you’re interested in (eg: hobbies). She’ll ask about your work. She’ll always be looking for ways to continue the conversation. This is because she’s enjoying spending time with you. You may also notice that her pitch lowers when she’s talking to you. A woman slightly lowers her pitch when she’s speaking to someone she’s interested in. If she asks about any plans you have in the future or mentions specific plans of hers, she may be hinting towards a date. A few examples of this are:

“Are you planning to see x movie that just hit theatres?”
“I’ve heard about this sushi bar that just opened and I’ve been wanting to try it.”

Physical Contact

Many women exhibit subtle signs of flirting by making innocent contact. This could be brushing your leg with hers when you’re sitting beside each other. She could touch your arm frequently. She may even reach for your hand or playfully tap your shoulder. Don’t only rely on physical contact with you to determine her interest. She could twirl her hair or run her hands through her hair. She could be caressing something in her hand. She could be touching her legs frequently. These may all be signs that she’s attracted to you, but hesitant to make physical contact.

Body Direction

Pay attention to the direction her body/feet are pointing. If they are pointed directly at you, it’s because she’s comfortable where she is. If she’s pointing towards an exit, she’s not interested and she’s looking for a way out. Another sign to look for is her stance. If her legs are crossed, she’s signalling her lack of interest. If her legs are uncrossed, she’s likely expressing her attraction.

There are other ways you might know a woman is attracted to you, such as eye contact. Most people know that intense eye contact is used to express attraction or intimidation. If she’s blushing, she’s likely attracted to you. Many women also use less-subtle methods of signalling attraction, such as licking their lips or tilting their head to expose their neck.

Of course, some women are just expressive and others don’t know social boundaries. It can be hard to know how to tell if a woman is attracted to you or just being friendly. I’ve been a Dating Coach for Women for years and I often have to explain what they are doing wrong.

It should go without saying that all of these signs need to be put into context. If she’s only exhibiting one or two of these signs, she may not be interested in you. She could be twirling her hair around because she’s uncomfortable. She could be licking her lips because she has dry skin. You don’t want to assume she’s attracted to you. The best way to know how to tell if a woman is attracted to you is to ask her.