Interesting Questions to ask a Girl

Are you stuck for some interesting questions to ask a girl? As a dating coach I know there is nothing more uncomfortable than an awkward silence on a first date. Running out of things to ask her over dinner is common even for the best smooth-talkers, so why not have some questions prepared pre-date to keep things interesting.

Obviously, there will be some standard questions you’ll want to ask i.e., what do you work as? What do you enjoy doing? What music do you like? etc. But why keep things lukewarm when you could heat up conversation and really pick her brain? I don’t mean dive into sex talk (a little flirting never hurts though!) but women like the unexpected. You want her to sit up in her seat and think ‘oh ok, this guy seems fun!’ rather than be bored with the same old first date chitchat.

Here are some interesting questions to ask a girl on a first date:

What do you want in life?

This is very open and can be taken in almost any direction from her ambition to what she wants in a partner. Let her answer and see where she takes it. This question also allows you to see if you are on similar paths, no point wasting time on someone who isn’t.

What’s the worst date you’ve been on?

You can ask her about weird tinder pick-up lines and laugh at disaster date stories. It’s a nice way to break the ice if things seem too formal. Where do you love to travel? The perfect way to open up topics like culture and cuisine. You can give each other tips on nice places to go to or let her gush about the amazing cities she would love to visit. Who knows, you could be in Paris for a weekend with her in the near future.

What does your name mean?

If she has an unusual name, don’t hesitate to ask her about it. Not only will she be flattered by your interest, she may also open up about her cultures and family traditions surrounding it.

Would you consider yourself to be an introvert or extrovert?

A question like this shows you’re really trying to understand her as a person. Instead of the cliché ‘what’s your star sign?’ conversation, this seems a little more grown-up and relatable.

Do you watch (enter TV show here)?

My personal favourite. You’d be surprised how quickly people can bond over common TV interests. If you’re a huge GOT fan ask if she’s seen it, imagine the conversation if it turns out she’s just as addicted as you are! So there you have it, a few not-so-ordinary questions for a first date. If the atmosphere is still frosty after pulling some of these out of the bag, then she’s probably just not right for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading these interesting questions to ask a girl .  If you’d like help getting dates or knowing where to meet women in the first place, contact me for dating coaching today.