No Matches On Tinder? Here’s Why!

No matches on Tinder is sadly so very very common. You made the decision to join Tinder under the impression you’d get dates. So many dates you wouldn’t know where to start. A week later, you’ve got no matches. Another week passes, the same story. So, what are you doing wrong? Rather, what can you do to fix these mistakes?

There are a handful of reasons your Tinder profile might be falling short of connections. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:

– You have too much information on your profile
– You don’t have enough information on your profile
– Your profile information isn’t highlighting the right details
– You’re not giving other people a reason to match you

As you can see, most of the success on Tinder largely relies on how you’re presenting yourself. As a Dating Coach I’ve helped many singles craft the perfect tinder bio .

In this generation, short and sweet is the best way to get information to a potential match. This means, you don’t ramble for three paragraphs about how awesome you are. That’s the quickest way to getting no matches on Tinder. You don’t go into long details about all your favourite hobbies. Many people read that and think they can get away with not having any information in their profiles. If you’re linked to Instagram, you might believe your feed says enough about you as a person. You’ve got pictures of yourself doing some of your hobbies, pictures of the areas you live in and visit regularly. Maybe, you’ve even got pictures of yourself at work or with your friends. You think, all your information is right there in the images.


No one is going to click through your images to see your personality unless you hook them in with your profile. That’s just a fact. Now, creating the perfect Tinder bio is simple: You summarise your personality into one sentence and include your three favourite hobbies. That sounds a lot harder than it actually is. You might consider asking a friend or two what is your best selling point. Dating is like being a salesperson of yourself. You have to let your potential matches know why you are a good selection. You have to tell them what you offer that other people don’t. Essentially, why they should choose you. At the same time, sounding too much like a sales pitch is a definite turn off to most people, who might think you’re not being genuine.

Here’s a perfect Tinder bio:

I love snowboarding because it keeps me on my toes. I’m a quick thinker and love a good challenge. I enjoy mixing things up, so the same routine is a drag to me. I’m good company and you can always expect an interesting time. By the way, I’m James and it’s nice to meet you.

This bio includes basic information: A name, a hobby and a reason why you should consider swiping right. It also includes a pet peeve, which shows that you’re giving more of yourself than a basic run down. You’re including the negative side. By saying “an interesting time”, instead of a “good time”, you’re also not making any promises for satisfaction. You’re simply saying you keep things interesting.

With the short attention spans of a swiping generation, you have to be quick. You also have to stand out against the competition. The secret to success with Tinder lies in being quick, but also being genuine. Always be yourself when you’re creating any bio. Just be the best version of yourself!

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