Long Distance Relationship Tips

If you are in a long distance relationship life can sometimes be tough. They say love knows no boundaries, so why to worry about geographical boundaries when it comes to the purest feeling in the world that is love? You fell in love with a person through social media, your partner moved to another city or country or you had to move out, whatever the reason be of your physical separation and distance don’t let it affect your emotional bond because love is not about being together it’s about being there for each other. If you have started feeling insecure about your relationship because your significant other lives far away you certainly don’t need to worry as we have ten top tips to help you be in a healthy relationship despite the distance.

1. Give each other space

This is very important because both of you live in a completely different environment, lifestyle and in many cases a different time zone so you definitely need to give each other space as the other one might actually be busy.

2. Be there for your special one

Giving space definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t even message the person once do let your better half that you are always there whenever needed.

3. Send surprise gifts

The best part of a long distance relationship is waking up to a courier for you. It might be a small thing like a box of chocolates, a perfume or their favorite flowers but you are surely going to win them over all over again.

4. Video calling is a must

You might be both busy but you can always work out a time when both of you are free for each other. Relive the moments when you used to be together by having a sweet and romantic video conversation.

5. Share your feelings more often

It is natural to feel insecure about a long distance relationship so you need to be more vocal about your feelings for the other person so that they feel loved.

6. Trust each other

Distance can create a lot of misunderstandings but they can only be overcome by complete trust and a bond that cannot be broken due to minor misunderstandings.

7. Be a good Listener

There are millions of things your loved one wants to share with you from their daily routine to what they ate today so this might require some good listening skills. You can tell them your routine as well when once they are done.

8. Avoid fights

You are already missing the fun and pleasure of being together but still out of all the people around them your special ones prefer you so they need a lot in return especially your patience. Even if they are being cranky and a bit irritated you need to cheer them up and avoid everything that can lead to a fight.

9. Remembering your special days

Waking till 5 in the morning to wish your significant other their birthday is just the best feeling on the planet. You can’t afford to forget their birthdays, your anniversaries or Valentine’s Day because you cannot even celebrate these days with them so the least you can do is to make them feel special by remembering them.

10. Let them know they are missed

Yes, we saved this one for the last, because it’s the most important long distance relationship advice . You need to tell them they are missed every time you visit a place you visited with them or whenever you see a couple.