UK Dating Apps That You Need To Try

The popularity of dating apps in the modern age of dating is unquestionable. As a Dating Coach I know that users love the ease of access that modern applications provide. It’s easy to connect with people, even on the go. Simply download the app, fill out your information, and meet all the local singles you want to in a matter of minutes.

Most dating applications also use a GPS system to connect their users to locals. This helps to prevent making connections across the ocean. Even if you might be interested, let’s face it, those are hard to maintain. You want to find someone you can grab a coffee with next weekend. You don’t want to have to plan the date for 6 months. But, the GPS is limited. A dating application can’t connect you to local singles if there aren’t any. That’s why it’s useful to know what the most popular dating apps are in your area, not in the world.

These are the highest rated and most commonly used UK dating apps:


The rise in popularity of this app has reached across the globe. There are millions of users, far-reaching the average dating app. But, Tinder is more about making casual connections. It’s not about finding something longer term. Of course, there are exceptions but it’s generally a distraction rather than a serious option.


Although this app operates similar to Tinder, the intentions are different. Users are intending to find real quality dates that might actually go somewhere in the future. The interesting thing about this particular app is that men aren’t able to message woman. Woman have to initiate the conversation. This gives them the power, while also taking the pressure off men who don’t quite know what to say.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This dating app has found its way onto every single list. It’s intended to help you meet your soul mate. This isn’t about hook-ups, but finding real love. These matches are shown based on common interests so you are only paired with those you’ll have something in common with. This makes striking up a conversation easier. The only issue is that you are only shown one match a day. Mind you, these matches will always be high-quality and fit your profile. The idea is to limit the swiping and make users pay attention to their matches.


This is like Tinder meets the “missed connections” section of Craigslist. On Happn, you’re shown people that are in your area, like GPS points on a map. This means you can find the girl or boy¬†who lives down the hall from you, or your grandmother who lives down the street. Happn can pair you with anyone but they will all be close to home.


This is a dating app that could be useful for making connections too. Here, you’re paired with others who have similar listening habits to you. Basically, you’ll meet people who like the same music. But is music really the universal language? Is it really enough to make a connection? You be the judge.

Of course, there are dozens of other UK dating apps. You’re welcome to try them all. Success relies on how you use the applications in your daily life and the connections you’re capable of making. An application that works for one person might not work for you. You might find luck on a dating application that no one else seems to enjoy. Try them, see how they work for you. If the concept is confusing, move on. There’s no point wasting your time. Find an app you love using and stick to it.

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