What’s better than one bike? Why two of course! You’ve either planned a fantastic date entailing a bike ride with someone who’s captured your eye. Or maybe you’ve been propositioned by someone to join them on a cycling date. Either scenario begs the question, what on earth will you wear for your romantic bike ride? 


After all, Summer is well and truly over, and autumn from time to time can be chilly at best, and wet and slippery at its worst. But fear not, there are fashionable ways to mount a bike, that are practical, comfortable, and most importantly make you look irresistible to your date. 


Here are my best dating coach tips to amp up your riding style this autumn, and ensure your darling is swooning over you. Plus a few style elements to consider sourcing and putting together before the occasion arises. 


Stylish Chinos


It’s likely cycling shorts are off the cards for your date. Or at least they should be. Although they’re highly practical, perhaps to some even attractive, for your romantic bike ride to really take off, it’s time to step up the style with clothing that’s comfortable, and of course, a lot warmer too. 


And, while it may be tempting to squeeze on your smart skinny jeans. Realistically they won’t give you much room to wriggle and move your legs to partake in one of the essential aspects of your bike ride – peddling. Moreover, an uncomfortable bike ride means you’re incapable of bringing your A-game to impress your date. Not to mention you may receive a few curious looks from your date over your attire.


Instead, choose chinos they’re warm enough for autumn, allow for adequate manoeuvrability to get your cycling action going, and they look smart and date-worthy. Chinos are available in numerous colours, and so you can opt for a hue that reflects your individuality. Although, during fall, earthy tones are always a great hit, such as classic camel.


Plus, by adding a belt and folding up the ends of your chinos a bit, there are innumerable adjustments you can make to chinos to make them work for you and make you look your best on your date.


Tweed Jacket 


Fall is the occasion to whip out your tweed jacket. It’s arguably a step up in style from the blazer. It’s thick enough to keep you warm on your date and versatile enough in fashion to impress your partner and show that you’ve made an effort. 


The tweed jacket represents quintessential Britain. With your tweed jacket on show, if you fail to connect with your date, you needn’t worry. Because you’re destined to turn many other interested heads in your direction. 


Plus, a tweed jacket adapts effortlessly to multiple scenarios and settings. And so, wherever your date might lead, you won’t look out of place, from grabbing brunch at a local eatery to heading back to work after your bike ride. The tweed jacket is fitting for all occasions. 


Footwear for a Romantic Bike Ride


To add some edge to our outfit, don’t forget to put some effort into what footwear you choose. Smart shoes are a no go, you need something with grip to keep your feet on the pedals, particularly when it’s wet and the pedals are slippy.

Bike Ride Date

For stylish, cool footwear to pair with your chinos and tweed jacket, think about converse style shoes. They’re comfortable but cool. And add a relaxed feel to your autumn outfit, attaching a much needed casual element to your otherwise super-smart date outfit.




Blustery winds and the chance of rain pose a few problems for your romantic bike ride. They affect your eyesight and make you appear a tad windswept. To prevent your eyes from watering, and add some interest to your face, that’s practical whatever the weather may be – eyeglasses.com provides an abundance of eyewear that can meet your style needs. Whether their prescription glasses or to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. There is a plethora of fashionable eyewear you can purchase, to complete and add an edge to your look that adequately suits your face.


The Essentials


To ensure you have an incredible romantic bike ride with your beau, don’t forget to come prepared. By either making use of the pockets inside your tweed jacket, putting a few essentials in the basket on your bike or rocking a smart backpack. 


Add snacks, and perhaps a flask of hot cocoa for those moments you both park up your bikes and rest on a park bench to enjoy the scenery. Plus, don’t forget to take your mobile phone, just in case your romantic ride leads off track into the unknown. And last but not least, lip balm! To ensure your kiss isn’t with chapped lips courtesy of the autumns windy, chilly weather.