By Aneeka Patel (Founder of Asian Matchmaking Company “Project 143 Limited”) 

Did you know that the average for a South Asian to get married has now shifted from 21-25 years of age to 26-30 plus?

Life for most Southern Asians has transformed from arranged marriages to love marriages,matrimonial advertisements and bio-data’s to online dating. There are just so many different ways to date now with online dating and dating apps!The motive behind dating apps is great, but it can make it harder to figure out what a person’s real intention is and if they will look the same as their profile picture in real life.

I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve run the online dating gauntlet myself.And let’s face it, when there is a surplus of men and women using these methods, it can sometimes lead to short-term dating.I know from experience that I had an almost mild to severe mindless addiction to continuously‘swipe left or right’waiting for a match!

Now don’t get me wrong,I am in no way criticising online dating. It’s just that it wasn’t working for me. Bottom line,I wanted something different, as did many of my fellow single South Asian friends in London. We wanted an alternative to digital dating.

Meeting a partner when you’re single isn’t easy!

But being able to find someone who connects with you is tough. It’s hard for the apps to really do that,and frankly finding people who are as serious as you are about dating is tough, especially in a big City. Southern Asian singles like me want a new approach to dating,that could be as similar and as easy-going as meeting someone through mutual friends, a ‘friendtroduction’ if you will. That way,you at least have a base from which to start!

But by the same token we also want to somehow be able to call upon the laudable,traditional concept of professional matchmaking known to our parents and grandparents.We want something that could combine both the old ways of meeting people,with the new ways that give individuals the all-important power of choice. And it’s the latter that modernises the traditional matchmaking and gives it a 21st century makeover -the best of both worlds!

The days of the first person you date being the one you marry, or ‘saving yourself ’for marriage are long gone, thanks to the Millennials; this generation is actually driving a key message for and about singles: they should be able to experience dating on their own terms, choose the person they want to find, NOT the person others want to find for them. Asian Dating is a tough one to crack. Until now, that is….

…Meet the Professional Asian Matchmaker

Matchmakers don’t sugar coat the challenges people face finding the perfect date. We’re very black and white. Professional matchmakers like me hit the ground running and deliver results for clients because we get to the nitty gritty of what people want in a partner. That’s when you witness the true, real value and work of a traditional matchmaker. My Asian matchmaking process means I don’t waste people’s time with chancers and inappropriate contenders.Who has time for that these days?

No, we are like the friend with whom you can share your previous experiences, warts and all, and whose opinions and recommendations count. The matchmaker is the 21st-century-single-person’s-NBF-come-fairy-godmother!The new dating solution singles have been waiting for.

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