Clever Usernames For Dating Sites

As the UK’s number one Dating Coach, I know that choosing clever names for dating sites can be a big stumbling block.  You’ll spend ages trying to think of something original and then give up!

You’ve likely seen a few of these “clever” names already. They are puns, where the user plays with a word to make it sound like something else. Often, this is done with a name. My dating coaching Albert uses the name “AlbyWaiting”. Like, I’ll be waiting… Catchy, right? It’s certainly clever as the username for a dating application. It draws other people into your profile, interested in knowing more.

Not everyone has a name that can fit into a pun like that. In fact, many of us don’t. So, we have to get a little more creative with our usernames. Ideally, looking to get the same result. You can use other details about yourself: like your hobbies, your hometown or even your last name. The point is largely to showcase your creativity and how unique you really are. AlbyWaiting isn’t exactly the most creative thing ever written. It does capture attention, though. 50 points for him. To get that 100 points, a perfect rating, you’ll need to add that creativity.

Three things to keep in mind when creating clever usernames for dating sites : 

1. Be Creative
2. Be Original
3. Be Appealing

Along with your new creativity and original thinking, you’ve got to be appealing. A username like HunkyMan2567 or SexyBabe2456 isn’t going to do that. There’s nothing appealing about a username that is so plain and boring. Now, you might think “well, I’m advertising my looks and that’s all people care about anyway”. True, looks do play a big part in dating. Let’s be realistic here. However, creativity is more impressive than good looks. This is coming from a dating expert. Anyone can be good looking. It takes a lot to be creative.

Creativity is appealing. A username like “FunInTheSonny” is bound to catch a lot more attention. It’s cute, it’s clever. More importantly, it’s showcasing that you put time and energy into your username.

You can never underestimate putting the right amount of thought into something. So many people will see a username and say: “That’s clever, but unoriginal.” You’re at the 50. But, you don’t want the 50. You want the 100. You want a reaction of “I need to check this profile out”.

When you’re planning a username, think about what reaction you would have. Would you see that username and think “I want to know more”? Or would you scroll past it like it was just another default? Considering your own reaction will help you to know how relatable your username might be.

That’s another trick: relatability. Now, you don’t need others users to relate to you using nothing but a username. But, there should be some relation between your name and something else, right? If you’re using a pun of a movie character, other users would say “I love that movie”. Automatically, you are going to stand out in their mind. Choosing something that is popular (like: The Matrix, or Fight Club) isn’t going to leave an impression. It’s overdone. No, really. Think outside of the box here.

If you’re not a creative person, here’s a simple trick when you are thinking up clever usernames for dating sites: Pick three words that you feel define you as a person. Now, put them together. How does it sound as a username? Is it catchy? No? Then try three different words. Add in one of your hobbies and cycle around until you find something you like. QuirkySnowboaderFromUtah doesn’t seem like a catchy username, but it’s better than George4390854.

James Preece
Dating Coach and Dating Expert at The Dating Guru
James Preece is the Dating Guru.

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