Tinder conversation starters are something I often get asked about as a Dating Coach.  Tinder is a great way to meet local singles. It’s a fairly basic system, allowing users to swipe left or right, depending on their feeling towards the match they are shown. There are millions of users on Tinder, so getting the same person twice is unlikely. But, there’s more to making a connection on Tinder than just swiping.

With the message feature, you have the option to communicate directly with someone you’re interested in. Many people think this is as easy as starting a chat with someone you know. Most users on Tinder attempt to start a conversation with a neutral phrase. These range from the “hey” to the “what’s up?”. This type of message is a swing and a miss. Why? Because you DON’T know them. They aren’t an old friend.

In order to get a response, you have to give them something that catches their interest.

There are many ways you can do this. But, the best way to be successful on Tinder is by being genuine. Pay attention to the profiles of the people you’re looking at. Read them before you try and contact anyone. Of course, many Tinder profiles are left blank. Many feature very little details and merely have the Instagram feed showing. In this instance, go through the users pictures. Find something that stands out to you and bring that up in your initial message. Unique messages are a rarity on Tinder, so they will automatically catch the eye of the person they are sent to.

What are the best Tinder Conversation starters? 

The perfect Tinder conversation starters should be something as simple as this: Hey, you caught my eye and I wanted to see if you might be interested in chatting.

Then follow up with a comment that references something about their profile/pictures, like these: I really like that green bikini, it really matches your eyes. Or: I think your cat’s name is adorable, I love the movie you’re referencing.

A message like that will tell them you took the time, not only to look, but to find something that caught your eye. Don’t tell them you love the band on their t-shirt if you’ve never heard of the band before. That’s trying too hard and it will only back fire down the line.

Now, even unique Tinder conversation starters have to be short. You don’t want to send someone a paragraph, because they won’t bother reading it. So close the message with something that leaves them wanting to contact you. A good way to do this is by ending with a question. This propels the user to want to reply, simply to answer your question. If you’re putting in enough time to find common ground, even with nothing to go on, they are going to know you’re truly interested. This will put you above everyone else who might be messaging them.

You have to keep in mind, Tinder users get dozens of messages a day, whether male or female. It’s hard to want to go through all of the generic-messaging users who want to chat. They want to find that one message from someone who actually took the time to compose themselves. You’re not only likely to get a response, but likely to take the relationship off Tinder as well!

Remember that Tinder isn’t right for everyone. You might find online dating sites are a better option. Whatever you need, get in touch and I will help.