Adult Dating Sites – My Dating Expert Opinion

Adult dating sites are often see as a great alternative to traditional online dating sites, especially for those looking for casual fun rather than long term relationships.

As a dating coach, I focus purely on helping people find long term partners or meet a husband or wife. While I don’t teach short term fun tactics, I do fully accept that plenty of people want this and are looking purely for a one night stand. No strings attached adult dating sites are becoming increasingly common so here is my dating expert advice to help you use them.  YES they absolutely can work but you have to be very cautious.

Better than Dating Apps

Free dating apps are an easy way to get a quick hookup. Unfortunately they don’t work for many people as your success is mainly down to your photo.  If you aren’t a supermodel then you’ll be dismissed before you’ve even said hello.  However, dating sites give you a much better chance as you are able to sell yourself much more. You’ll have extra space for text, photos and people generally spend longer looking at profiles.

Put the Effort In

Please remember that just because you’ve paid for a service, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to be turning away dates!  Just like any online dating site, you have to make sure you have a really interesting profile and an intention grabbing photo. When I say photo I mean a smiling headshot….no naked images or “interesting” ideas please.

Choose a Reputable Site

The only adult dating site that I can recommend for you is the Adult Dater Base .  That’s because it’s a site I’ve consulted for before and the only adult dating site that I know definitely works. They have millions of single men and women looking to hook up with new people and is a very safe and trusted dating site.

Get a Full Membership

Having a free, basic membership is a bit like buying a television and never turning it on. The only way you are going to be successful is by paying for a full membership and engaging. This means you have access to the full set of features and will be able to search and contact other singles near you.

Be Realistic

Good adult dating sites like is going to have lots of staff in place to protect you from scammers and dodgy profiles.  However, many of the others aren’t quite as careful and don’t check their profiles so thoroughly. If someone seems to good to be true then they probably are. Have your wits about you and use caution at all times.

Be Discrete and Respectful

It can take a lot of courage to sign up to any sort of dating site.  The last thing anyone wants is rudeness or rejection. So if the person you like isn’t interested, please be polite and move on to the next. There are so many people to choose from so you won’t run out of options. If you see someone you know, keep quiet about it and leave them in peace.  Focus on having a good time yourself rather than annoying someone else and stopping them having fun.

If you are looking for a more serious relationship, then online dating sites are a better choice. If you’d like help choosing the right one for you then I’ve had a over twenty years experience using them – both in a professional and personal capacity. Please use the contact form at the top of the page to reach me.