Good Morning Texts To Send Him to Keep him Keen

Everyone enjoys feeling wanted, treasured, and generally valued as a human being. There’s a common misconception that men don’t need to be flattered. Of course they do! Every human being enjoys being made to feel desired. So, what can you do to let him know you’re attracted to him? Try sending good morning texts! Yes, guys like a nice good morning text just as much as the ladies do. It’s nice to wake up to someone thinking about you. As a Dating Coach it’s a very useful way of keep the interest and momentum going. They’ll be thinking about you all day long!

You can be flirty and fun through good morning text messages and ensure you’re on his mind all day long! Here is some advice on how to craft the best good morning texts to send him.

Compliment Him

Flattery goes a long way, especially when it’s coming from the heart. Tell him something you like about him and why you like it. He’ll appreciate if you notice the more subtle traits, instead of something on the surface. You can detail why you like that aspect or you can just be direct. Of course, any compliment will be appreciated.  Try something like “I wish you were here to cook me those amazing pancakes.”

Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to open a conversation. In the morning, you don’t want to be thinking of the meaning of life or anything. Instead, ask flirty questions that hint at you thinking of him or him thinking of you. You can ask what his first thought of the morning was. You can directly ask him if he had a dream of you and tell him you were dreaming of him.

Reference Something

One of the best things to include in your message is a reference to the two of you. You can reference the last time you saw each other, such as “I had a great time the other day”. You can also make references to the next time you’re going to see each other, such as “I can’t wait to see you again”. This lets him know you’re interested and even excited!

Make Plans

Along with referencing a shared memory, you could make plans for the next date. It’s a good way to progress the relationship. You may not want to open with “let’s get together”, but you can ask when he’s available in the near future. You can also discuss what you want to do with him. There’s nothing wrong with being direct.

Be Sexy

This type of message depends on where you are in the relationship. You may not want to send sexy messages to someone you’ve only recently met. You want to make sure you’re not crossing any boundaries or making him uncomfortable. For the most part, men do enjoy a sexy message at any time of the day. If you are in a relationship then this is one of the best good morning texts to send him “Come and jump in the shower with me 😉 x”

Be Natural

When you’re sending a message, do it naturally. Tell him exactly what’s on your mind. When you try too hard to impress someone, it often comes across as needy or desperate. You just have to relax and let your heart send the message. Any thoughtful text you send will be appreciated by someone who is interested in you. You just have to be confident.

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