Dating Expert Guide to learning how to write a good profile on a dating site

Learning how to write a good profile on a dating site is much harder than people expect. You probably know that online dating has made it easier than ever to make connections. The ability to be on-the-go while chatting someone up helps to keep an open line of communication. This allows people to get to know each other, without having to worry about opposing schedules. This means when two people finally connect face-to-face, they already have a good idea of what the other person is like.

It all starts with your dating profile on the best dating site.

Your dating profile, whether you’re using a website or an app, is the first thing someone will see. Consider it a first impression. The information you share on your profile is the first thing someone is going to know about you. It’s tempting to list your best qualities and your favorite things to do in your spare time. But, everyone’s doing that. It’s not original, so it’s not likely to catch any attention. The key to capturing the attention of someone lies in creativity. Your profile should be different and help you to stand out. You should offer information about yourself that other people don’t.

It’s more than that, though. You have to know the kind of information to offer. Every profile lists hobbies, likes and dislikes, and typical “what I do” information. That’s basic. That’s boring. In order to be creative with your content, you’ll have to dig a little deeper than the surface information. One of the ways you can do this is by sharing the same information, with a twist. Instead of saying “I love snowboarding”, give a little more information about why you love snowboarding. If you love cooking, mention what got you into the culinary arts. Share personal pieces of yourself, because no one else is doing that.

The most common reason for missed connection is almost always the profile information. Too many people over-share, while the same amount under share. Your profile has to have a nice balance of personal information and typical details. It has to be a glimpse into your personality, without giving too much away. No one wants to read paragraphs, either. So when you’re sharing that information, use spacing! Point form is the easiest thing to read:

– Share enough of your personality that someone will want to know more
– Share enough of your typical information that someone will know if you’re compatible
– Add a hook to draw users in, a call to action (like: “Let’s get coffee” or “Now tell me something about you”)

See? You followed that a little better, right? Do the same with your profile. Write a nice introduction sentence that hooks other users in. This sentence should be a great summary of your personality. Think of the old school prompt: “Summarize yourself in one sentence”. Do that on your dating profile. Use spacing and a second paragraph to dive more into why someone would want to get to know you. Then, use point form sentences to detail what you have to offer someone.

Your closing sentence/paragraph should be the call to action, enticing other users to get in contact.

The only real trick to creating a great dating profile is that you let your personality shine through. No one wants to meet a standard bio copied and pasted into your profile. They want to meet the interesting individual behind the catchy introduction. Think of it that way: Your bio is an introduction. What would you tell someone when you first met them?

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