What do men want ?

What do men want and how do you make yourself more attractive ? You could be a brain surgeon with an IQ that rivals Einstein’s yet you still may be boggled by this question. As the UK’s leading Dating Coach for Women I’m here to tell you there is no set answer for this. We ourselves can drift from one idea of what we want to another in a matter of days. Not only are we indecisive, one mans idea of an ‘ideal woman’ can be completely opposite to another mans. Its not all bad though! There are some key boxes that the majority of men need ticked if they are to progress to something more serious. Here are the top five:


Yes, personality is more important but initially we need to be attracted to you physically. Every mans ‘type’ differs on a wide scale so its not an issue if you are not a Cameron Diaz look-a-like. There will always be a man out there who will find you desirable. Confidence is very sexy, so work with what you have and own it.


You’ve established your identity and you have full control over your life and where you are headed. A man is a natural born provider and will happily do so as long as he knows his woman wants him and does not need him. A needy woman will never find a healthy relationship.


Being able to guzzle down a pint of lager in 10 seconds flat might impress a guy but it won’t keep a guy. Men love women because they are just that – women. The sexy curves, the way you walk in heels, soft hair we can run our fingers through. We want a woman who respects herself totally and understands her role in the relationship. 

A great communicator

If you are asking what do men want then it’s easy – the art of communication. Without it, relationships are doomed! Lovers tiffs are a part of life, completely unavoidable, but if you can get through your issues respectfully, rationally and empathetically, you can move forward stronger and happier. Men do not like crazy, overly emotional women, full stop.

Fun and spontaneity

Men like to be thrilled. We enjoy women who are game for adventure and will keep our juices flowing. You don’t have to be a sky-diving fanatic but we appreciate someone who will try anything once. Just be willing to go with the flow. Good luck ladies!

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