Justin Timberlake was recently spotted holding hands with his latest co-star Alisha Wainwright.  To some, this was quite a shocking thing to witness as he’s been happily married to Jessica Biel since 2012.  Photographs also show them holding hands under the table and that his wedding ring was apparently missing.

On first glance, this could be a clear sign of a rift or separation between the married couple. After all, it’s not normal to go out drinking with single women while you are in a relationship. However, as a relationship coach, I can see that there are many reasons why Jessica has no need to worry.

Firstly, they were not alone during this evening.  For most of the time, they were surrounded by friends and crew from the film they are both working on. They are both very much used to people wanting to take photographs and that many eyes are on them all the time. If they were up to anything illicit, then they certainly wouldn’t have been so blatant.

The act of holding hands can be for a variety of different reasons. For couples, this can be done as a show of togetherness when they interlock their fingers. It can release the chemical oxytocin which is known as the cuddle chemical.  This makes us feel happy and can help people fall in love more deeply. It’s not just lovers who hold hands though.  It can be an indication of respect or support between friends. In this case, Justin Timberlake was demonstrating that he was in a happy mood and that he was glad to have Alisha there. He doesn’t lock his fingers together with hers, but holds the tip of them as a comforting gesture.

It’s perhaps a little strange that he wasn’t wearing his ring during this time. Married couples usually wear rings as a sign to others that they are unavailable. It’s too easy to jump to the wrong conclusion here without knowing all the facts. Perhaps he had been filming earlier and had left the ring somewhere safe.  Maybe he’d been to the gym or had taken a shower. Not everyone likes to wear a ring all the time and many happily married people take them off sometimes. Not wearing it occasionally is normal, but time will tell if he wears it again.

While I believe that Justin meant well and that Jessica won’t be too unhappy, it does also ask the question as to whether this behavior was appropriate. Would he have been so happy to see his wife holding hands with one of her fellow actors? Perhaps he should have considered this a little more at the time.

A relationship is all about trust and everyone has their own limits and boundaries. If someone isn’t completely confident in their relationship, the slightest thing can make them jealous. Justin Timberlake has a reported history of ending relationships due to the possibility of his interest being taken by someone else. He split up with Cameron Diaz in 2007 for exactly this reason.  We all make mistakes and we should not judge anyone for their past – especially from so long ago. He has matured a great deal and is a father, meaning he is much more aware of his responsibilities.

A happy relationship is one where both parties trust and love each other enough to allow the other the freedom to have fun innocently. They have faith that they are the one they care about and won’t get upset by little things. If that trust is ever broken then it can be very hard to get things back to how they were. Both people must constantly work to reassure and strengthen the relationship.

For now, Justin Timberlake was just letting off a little steam and having a good night out. It will be interesting to see how things continue over the coming months. They are both always been very romantic when it comes to posting lovely comments about each other on social media. Let’s hope this continues into next year. I believe they make a fantastic couple and set a great example to others about how to treat your loved one.

What do you think?  Is Justin Timberlake cheating on Jessical Biel?