Love Coaching and What It Means

Love Coaching, Dating Coaching, Relationship Coaching.  This can be so confusing. We’d all like to think we’re capable of finding love. We put in the effort and read the advice columns. We’re geared up and ready to face the unknown. We’re confident that nothing is going to be able to stop us. Then we face a rejection or a first date goes wrong. It’s back to the drawing board, wondering what went wrong? Was it you? Something you said or something you were wearing? Did you smell odd? Was it just them? A lack of compatibility? If it was, why does it seem to keep happening?

While we can’t always pinpoint our mistakes, we can learn how to lessen the possibility of making them. Even if you’re confident that you can manage your own love life, we all need help sometimes. Hiring a love coach is a great way to get ahead of the game. A love coach will help you to understand what other people are looking for and what you are looking for. You may think you already know. You’ve got a template in mind and you’re just waiting for the right person to step into it. But do you really know? Are you looking for a long-term relationship or something casual? Do you want the perfect person or are you looking to fill the empty space of a previous lover?

For the most part, we go searching for someone to fill an emptiness without being completely clear on what caused it to begin with. That emptiness can be something within ourselves. By dating with the expectation of filling that void, we are projecting our agenda on unsuspecting partners. That never leads to a healthy and lasting relationship. In order to truly be ready to get out there, you have to understand that no one will fill that void. You have to do it for yourself. A love coach can help you to understand a partner’s roll in fixing that empty feeling. It’s not simply by being there. It’s by helping you to fix those problems for yourself. Of course, you should never date expecting something from another person. Compassion and understanding aren’t really expectations though. Everyone should possess a bit of both in order to have a healthy relationship with anyone. Friends and lovers, even family.

A love coach helps you to understand what it is you’re looking for at the core. By understanding what you truly want in someone, you can be truly prepared. If the date goes wrong, you can believe that it wasn’t you or them. It was the lack of compatibility. This mentality will help you to keep getting back out into the dating pool, without feeling like a failure. A love coach can help you to build confidence in yourself as well. Yes, there’s a chance you’re going to find out your flaws. In order to build yourself up, you first have to tear down the foundation. You need to know and understand your own flaws in order to change them. Then, you can present yourself as a worthwhile partner in the dating pool.

The idea of love coaching might feel strange. But do you really want to gamble with your love life? If nothing has been working out so far, it’s time to try a different approach.