Dating Tips for Introverts

It’s hard to get out there and meet new people when you’re an introvert. At the same time, you don’t want to be alone and stuck behind your computer all the time. The good news is that there are ways for introverted people to enjoy dating and socializing the same as everyone else. The trick is to plan every outing within your own element. What does that mean? Well, if you like art then you would go to a museum of art or take a painting class or something similar. If you like video games then the perfect date idea is heading to an arcade. By choosing an element close to your own interests, you will automatically feel more comfortable.

As a Dating Coach I can help you. Let’s take a look at some other dating tips for introverts:

Go where you know

Like planning a date within your element, choosing a location you’re familiar with can lessen your nerves about going out. If you’re heading to grab something to eat, plan to meet somewhere you know and love. Choose a location with a familiar menu. Go to an ice-cream shop that you frequent. By choosing somewhere you know, you’re bound to be more comfortable. This means you can open up a little bit and by yourself around this new person. That’s important when you’re getting to know someone new.

Ask questions

As an introvert, you’re nervous when meeting new people. A good ice-breaker is by asking questions about the person you’re meeting. If you’re super nervous, pretend this is someone you already knew. Act like they are an old classmate you haven’t seen in a while. Catch up. Ask the same questions you’d be asking that person. Once you’re more comfortable with this new person, you can ask more personal questions. If you’re afraid you’re not going to be able to think on the spot, bring along cue-cards or download a “random questions” app for your phone. This can be helpful to get to know your new friend.

If you have extroverted friends, use them!

Not every introverted person hangs out with a group of extroverted individuals. If you’ve got any outgoing friends, they can make a great wingman for you. They can help by introducing you to new people or by keeping a conversation alive when you’ve run out of things to say. If you’re going on a date with someone you met online, suggest a double date and bring your extroverted friend along with you. This can also help lessen your nerves because you’ll know someone and feel more comfortable around that person.

Don’t dress to impress

If you’re uncomfortable dressing up, then don’t. This is one of the best dating tips for introverts. You may want to make a good impression, but it may leave you feeling nervous and uncomfortable. Try to dress nice and make sure your hygiene is good. But don’t go “above and beyond” to make an impression, unless you’re comfortable with it. If you’re comfortable with dressing up, then go for it! You’ve just got to find a balance that you’re comfortable with. If you go out of your comfort zone too much, you may end up looking uncomfortable too. Then your date may think it’s them and completely ruin your chances.

Don’t try and hide who you are

You may feel inclined to pretend you’re not introverted long enough to go on a couple dates. Some people are totally capable of shutting out that part for the greater good. But by pretending you aren’t introverted, it’s going to come as a shock when your date realises you are. Plus, acting out of character might be really hard for you. It’s better to let people know that you are this way. There’s nothing wrong with being introverted. It’s nothing shameful or embarrassing. Just let people know where your head is at so they can understand you a little better.