How To Be An Alpha Male

Everyone wants to know how to be an Alpha male. But what does that mean exactly? I’ve been a dating coach for men for over a decade now. An alpha male is often described as a man who takes charge. Someone who walks into a room and dominates. Not because he’s loud and obnoxious or because he strikes up a conversation with everyone.  It’s definitely not due to him being flashy and wearing a silver suit. An alpha male can dominate an entire room simply by existing. Why is that? Because the alpha male personality commands attention.

There are many reasons to want to learn how to be an alpha male. You may want to get ahead at work or meet the ideal partner. Maybe you just want to feel like you have control over your life and the things happening around you. No matter what your reason for becoming an alpha male, you need these 8 traits:

Be a natural leader

An alpha male commands attention, right? But where is the alpha male drawing that attention to? People look to the alpha male for leadership, advice and direction. If you’re directionless, how are you going to be a help to anyone else? The alpha male knows where he’s going. He knows what he’s looking for, he’s tactical and precise and admirable.

Be decisive

In order to be a good leader, you need to know where you’re going first. You need to be able to have a clear set of goals. These goals may be small or extremely large. They may be easy to accomplish or difficult. But you have to have goals that you’ve set out for yourself. This is the building blocks of the alpha male personality.

Be determined

Once you’ve set your goals outlined above, you have to be determined enough to follow through. Having goals doesn’t mean anything if you don’t set out to accomplish them. You may find setbacks and that’s fine. No journey is without obstacles. But you have to be determined enough to work through any problems that arise. You have to be able to accomplish those goals. That may mean setting more realistic ones.

Inspire other people

Through setting goals and accomplishing them, you can use your alpha male personality to inspire other people to do the same. You can inspire women to want to impress you through their own personal transformation. You’ll learn to inspire other men to want to be more like you, commanding a room the way that you do. Soon you’l become the dominant personality as an alpha male and be in charge. You can use this to manipulate people or you can use it to help them better their own lives.

Be adventurous

You may already know that the alpha male personality tends to be adventurous. The alpha male is exciting and different, even bordering being a little dangerous. This trait is one of the most attractive qualities to the alpha male. It can be used to allure a partner or to demonstrate to a boss your willingness to take risks to move your career forward. While the alpha male is mysterious, he never puts lives in jeopardy. He takes risks and lives on the edge, but only as far as his own safety is concerned.

Be collected

An important trait in the alpha male is that he remains rational and level-headed even in the face of chaos. The alpha male doesn’t see emotion as a weakness but as a potential liability. This doesn’t mean the alpha male is cold or closed off. The alpha male knows when it’s the right time to express emotion and what those emotions are. He understands his emotional complexities and uses them to his advantage. Consequently, he’s often asked for advice on situations because of his ability to maintain his calm.

Maintain your values

One thing you need to know about the alpha male is that he never questions his own values. He knows exactly what he believes in. Whether this is political or religious views or just your opinion on something. The alpha male makes his opinion know and doesn’t fluctuate. He sees things through yet he has integrity. As a result, the alpha male is strong and steady in his convictions.

Be humble

Finally: An alpha male may possess all the traits other men want. He may be attractive to every woman he meets.  Or he might have his entire life together and a great career and tons of friends. Perhaps he has everything. But the alpha male is a humble personality. The alpha male doesn’t feel the need to brag or show off his accomplishments. He is content with simply having the achievements behind him. Most of all, he enjoys living his life and doesn’t worry about how other people are living theirs. If you want to learn how to be an alpha male you’ll need to remember this.

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