So many of us in today’s society are more focused on their career than they are about meeting a significant other, and while this is perfectly fine, it can make it more difficult to eventually meet the person you want to spend your life with.

Focusing heavily on your career can be a lonely experience – working long, hard hours and having most of your energy be work-focused is tiring and leaves little time to meeting others. And, if you want to change this and meet new people to bring into your life, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you have limited time because of your job.

Here are a few ways to meet new people without sacrificing your beloved career.

1. Take Part in Work Social Events

You many think that you have met everyone your workplace has to offer, but at work social events, many more people attend. And some people bring friends along, so you can expand your circle in these events and are likely to meet like minded people in the same or similar career to you. If your workplace is slacking on the social event front, plan one yourself! Ask your work colleagues to help you, and you can make regular events a thing. Tell your co-workers that it is encouraged that they bring a friend or two along, and bring your own too.

Social events at your workplace are a great way to interact with and meet like minded people that you wouldn’t meet anywhere else.

As a bonus, if your work frequently has conferences elsewhere, you could tag along to these too.

2. Take a Course

Learning something new is always great, but it is especially great when it comes along with the fact that you can meet new people on that course or on workplace training!

Pop along to your local college and take a class that you’re interested in, be it pottery or poetry writing, and you will have the chance to meet people in your area, all while gaining a new skill. If you’re a GP or a surgeon, you could even undergo hair transplant training from GetHair to expand your career options and meet new people along the way.

Taking a course or doing some extra training is a fantastic way to meet people with common interests who you can get along with.

3. Attend Local Events

When you are career-focused, it can be hard to find time to yourself, and travelling afar can be difficult or just something you don’t want to do.

Look into local events in your area, whether it’s a festival, market or local theatre production, and take the time to attend one of these events once a month. You will easily bump into new people at gatherings like this, and you probably need a break from all your hard work anyway!

Meeting new people can take up precious time that you need to work hard on your career, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your desire to find that special someone at the same time.